TM3 – Time Machines

black / gold

black / gold

black / silver

black / silver
  • Design: 10 gears
  • Finish / Material: Anodized aluminum, mirror-polished stainless steel
  • Color concept: Black anodized frame and wheels
    Mirror-polished gold | silver -plated pendulum and pendulum disc
  • Dimension: 1850x 270mm, base plate 270 mm diameter
  • Indicators: Magnetic hands for minutes & hours
  • Hands can be removed
  • Clockwork: Two spiral springs (to be winded periodically by hand)
  • Runtime: 8 days
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Position: Stand alone

The Time Machines collection consists of compositions celebrating the mechanical precision and sensory pleasure of a traditional clock in a purely artistic manner.
Each variation exposes the inner workings of the clock mechanism and places the motion of each gear, spring, and axle in the spotlight.
In addition to the skeletonized appearance, the Time Machines are hand-finished in eye-catching colour palettes of black, silver or gold, which enhance their modern architecture.

In either finish, each kinetic sculpture transforms a space both visually and audibly.
The TM3 runs for eight days driven by double spiral springs and axles supported by ball bearings with non-contact seals to reduce friction. This piece also incorporates patent-pending anchor arms built with spring- loaded technology providing smooth, almost silent operation requiring minimal energy.


The suspension system transforms the kinetic energy of the movement to the spring so that very little power is wasted.

Due to its light aluminium structure, TM3 weighs only 10 kg while measuring 1.3 meters (4.25 feet / model “Kaspar” & “Anna”) or 1.8 meters (6 feet / model “Johann” & “Paulina”).

It can also be mounted on a wall or display as a freestanding art piece.

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