Table Clock NT7

Table Clock NT 7

An 8-day movement in restrained design and technical perfection creates absolute transparency in this clock.

A special attention to detail, innovative ideas and their implementation in technical perfection characterises all clocks from the house of Matthias Naeschke.  And naturally the new clock NT 7 is no exception.  By creating transparency nothing remains concealed. With the exception only of the red of the ruby jewels and the pallets, the colours of black and silver dominate perceptions of this clock.

A rhodium-plated 8-day movement developed exclusively for this clock sits on two matte black columns in a matte black case where fine polishing and glazing of the individual parts skilfully blends a modern touch.
Typical for Matthias Naeschke is the oversized escape wheel with the circular ruby pallets on the anchor. In addition to the extremely precise manufacturing of all components, a temperature compensation pendulum ensures the necessary accuracy of the clock.

A unique characteristic of the table clock NT 7 is the barrel construction. Normally the spring barrel consists of a one-sided closed, cylindrical drum with a toothed rim and the open side of the barrel is subsequently closed with a pressed-in cover after inserting the mainspring. With the NT 7 the 4 mm thick main wheel is already part of the spring barrel. It is machined out to the appropriate diameter for the spring and provided front and rear with a sixfold screwed flange. The clever design of the parts of the barrel only dawns on the viewer as the apparent contradiction grows that the clock must run entirely without a mainspring?

Restrained but clearly marked is the black dial in the form of a perforated ‘8’ with Arabic numerals. Interesting also is the seconds display of this clock. Instead of the usual 60 seconds per revolution the seconds hand here makes one rotation in two minutes.

In its design language, the clock NT 7 is not seriously classic nor yet ultra modern. Rather, it is a kind of chameleon. It adapts depending on how it is perceived, blending perfectly into any particular interior design style.
As is usual with Matthias Naeschke this clock model also provides opportunities for individualization. So the movement can be ordered polished and traditionally gilded and carried out in all variants with a polished glass canopy.

Similarly, a variation in bicolor with gilded wheels and rhodium-plated main plates is possible. The casing design and materials used provides opportunities with virtually no limits.
Buyers can feel completely free to consult our dealer about the options to acquire their very own clock – which draws from the deep experience of Matthias Naeschke acquired over 3 decades and is the classic hallmark of outstanding craftsmanship.

Tech Specs NT 7:

Matthias Naeschke Caliber 7
Duration: 8 Days
Drive: Spring
All brass parts are highly polished and rhodium or gold plated
Boards of 4 mm thick hard brass with three pillars n
Shoots and shafts hardened and polished
Escapement: Resting Matthias Naeschke “Drops” anchor escapement with round ruby pallets
Regulator : 5-pieces compensation pendulum & brass  pendulum bob
Speed: half seconds pendulum
4 ruby jewels & 2 precision ball bearings

Chapter ring black with white print
Arabic numbers
Hands of steel painted white


Base and pillars made of black anodized aluminum
Screwed glass bell with brass profiles
Front of the glass bell with door
4 adjustment for leveling on all 4 Corners
5 beveled glasses

Hight x Width x Depth
45 x 32 x 25 cm

Glass case and movement gold or rhodium plated, glass case in matt black chrome. Polished or satin movement.