NT 10 – Month running & ‘maritime’ design

Today the classic hand-blown glass dome is popular with collectors and museums to present particularly fine and valuable objects in a stylish way which is visible from all sides. It was particularly tempting to combine the old craftsmanship of the glassblowers with our art of clockmaking and to translate this into the finest values of today.

The skeleton clock NT 10 is already the second clock model in our range using a glass dome for protection. When designing the base of the case, we were inspired by ship floors and ship hulls. A highly polished and gilded 6mm brass plate with cut-outs and four levelling screws form the base. The upper base is made of finely grained Sapele wood and with its concave profile, it is reminiscent of the hull of a ship. Fine inlays of maple further emphasize the maritime evocation. In the color spectrum of the woods, the radiant yellow gold as well as the silver accents of the clockwork blend together harmoniously. It rests on four classic shaped columns above the wooden base, showing the time on a chapter ring of hand-engraved sterling silver. All wheels of the clockwork run either in precision ball bearings or in ruby bearings.

The power reserve of one month is exceptional in this size of skeleton clock. The energy for this long running of the clockwork is provided by a barrel, which is concealed in the wooden base. It transmits its energy to a fusee via a very fine flexible 1mm steel cable. Due to its precisely designed shape, the fusee has the task of balancing declining mainspring forces as it unwinds, thus eliminating the resulting torque differences between fully wound and unwound.

The NT 10 table clock is provided with our proved and tested half-second compensation pendulum with regulation nut above the pendulum bob. Due to the one-month running time, this clock requires very little attention. Its luminescent transparency creates soothing ease and its fascinating mechanics, which can be observed from all angles, is highly engaging. It complements any living ambiance and is also an exquisite functional accessory.

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