Table-Flute-Clock with 17 tones

Table-Flute-Clock with 17 tones NFT17_00

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The pipe organ is the centrepiece of this clock. Now we can admire the clock dial and gilded hands together with the structured array of tuned organ pipes. This contrasts with the 18th century preference of organ clock makers to conceal the possibility of the clock to play music.

Its elegant design owns the clock the classic lines and the perfectly produced cherry wood cabinet. The four faceted glasses give a clear view at every single detail of the highly processed inner life. An emailed dial sits an a hand-engraved and gilded brass base sheet. The hands are hand cut and gold plated.

Every Flute Clock can optionally be made behind the pipe with an engraved and gilded brass sheet. Pipes made of wood are possible. The casing is available in different colors.

The flute has a movement with constant force control and a duration of 14 days. After the full impact of a bell, it sets the actual work of music in motion. With a full lift of this play up to fifteen trips, that is brought up in the morning, she plays a day. The music box can also be triggered on demand, and has an off adjustment.

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Is it possible to have the price of the flutte clock and more picture of the mechanism

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