Three Train Skeleton Clock

available in Gold or Rhodium version
Base selectable

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 35 – 45.000,00 €
Shipping included. (Details)

This magnificent chiming Skeleton Clock is the result of months of painstaking hand work. Each plate is individually cut out of solid brass, edge filed, papered smooth, burnished and gilded before finally being built into a finished clock. Every wheel and arbor, detent and lever has been finished by hand to give the whole mechanism the glittering aspect of a true work of art.

The motive power for the 8 day movement is provided by three mainsprings each operating through its respective fusee and chain to give virtually constant torque to the train of wheels. The going train is fitted with a recoil anchor escapement and controlled by a 0.4 sec pendulum to give a good standard of time keeping.
The escape pallet is made from high carbon steel, with through hardened faces diamond polished to a mirror finish assuring a long life. The chiming train operates a pinned drum and hammer assembly which can be set to play Westminster or a choice of Whittington and St Michael chimes on a hand tuned octave of cast bells, whilst the striking train sounds the hours on a ninth tenor bell. The levers and racks controlling this activity are finished to the same meticulous standard.

The movement is mounted on a Sicilian white marble base, which in its turn, is supported on a mahogany plinth. The brass bound glass shade protects the whole clock from dust, while at the same time allows perfect visibility.

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