Table Regulator

Variations: coloured with Rhodium finish or bronze

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 30 – 40.000,00 €
Height:  45cm  Width:  25cm  Depth:  22cm
Shipping included. (Details)

Probably the most classic of all the clocks made by Sinclair Harding is the Table Regulator. The case is made from solid brass polished, bronzed and finally finished with beeswax. It is embellished with heavily gilded furniture such as the classical urn finial on the top, or four palmettos, which break the severe line of the base, mounted on adjustable feet. The front and back opening glass doors are 6mm thick. Similarly finished are the side panels, which give an interesting view of the movement.

The dial is pure ‘Breguet’ with its large diameter seconds and slim chapter ring. Engraved and silvered by hand it represents the high point of elegant simplicity in dial design. The clock has a very substantial 8 day movement controlled by an unusual ‘high Q’ spherical pendulum beating half seconds.

Almost every component for the Table Regulator is individually made in Sinclair Harding’s own workshop. The case itself is made from nearly 60 parts, machined from solid brass. The attention to detail is reflected in the hinge and catches arrangement of the front and back opening doors. This is a rare example of an entirely hand made traditional British clock.

The movement is first pre-built in an un-finished condition. Some 28 jewels are used in the movement and each one has to be fitted and secured by two blued screws, identified and its mating pinion adjusted to ensure the correct end float is achieved. Once this process has been completed the movement is polished to the highest possible standard and the jewels re-set in their final position.

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