Single Train Condliffe Clocks

The piece is available finished with gold plate or a combination of gold and Rhodium.

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 10 – 20.000,00 €
Dimensions: 48 x 33 x 18 cm ( H x B x T )
Shipping included. (Details)

In homage to the James Condliffe of Liverpool, circa 1860 this single train skeleton clock is the first of a collection of 3 different pieces being made in 2008/2009 and NEW for BASELWORLD 2008.

The exquisite crossings of the wheelwork and plates have been designed to show Sinclair Harding’s attention to detail and finishing at its very best.

The frames, pierced out of solid brass, are gracefully faceted, polished and burnished to provide a gleaming support for the four-wheel train. The Great Wheel has 288 teeth and makes only one revolution daily. This drives the centre wheel, which is framed, by the pierced chapter ring and bezel. The hands are extremely delicate and can made in gold plated brass or highly polished and blued steel to provide a greater contrast.

The escapement is a ‘Graham Deadbeat’ controlled by a ‘silk’ suspension and Invar pendulum. The movement is fitted with Maltese cross stop work to achieve the best timekeeping and the clock runs for a full 8 days.

The movement is mounted on two ornate pillars and appears to be floating over the base made from a sandwich of decorative brass plates and selected wood or marble of your choice.

Finally the clock is protected by a framed glass shade (not shown), which does not need removing to wind.

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