NT 6 “La gracieuse”

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Table clock NT 6 “La gracieuse”

Treasure of gold- down to the very detail

Precision. This word coming from the Latin (praecisus meaning briefly, abrupt, precipitous, clipped) is incompatible with the occupation of the clockmaker. Since briefly, nothing at all lasts while manufacturing a clockwork. It has rather turned back. Nevertheless the concept of ‘precision’ has emerged in the technical usage as a synonym for exactness.

Variation in Gold: NT6GG

NT 6 “La gracieuse”
NT 6 “La gracieuse”

And exactness is, what is expected of good clockwork whether its made for the wrist or standing in the living room. Thus, in this context precision is only what the human makes of it. He contemplates which parts of his work are good and which are not. It only becomes perfect and pleases the subsequent owner of his clock if it delivers reliability and longevity.

This is precisely the philosophy of Matthias Naeschke and his team for building clocks. This counts also for the table clock NT6 “La gracieuse”. The clockmaker who constructs the clock monitors himself constantly and never leaves anything to the chance. And a table clock emerges, fascinating and complete, including attention to the smallest possible detail. Mounted on well glazed and black columns of anodized aluminium the work of the NT6 “La gracieuse” seeks to engage its horological friends from every angle, concealing none of her technical secrets.

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