Matthias Naeschke – NT5 – Table Clock

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Posterprint NT5

From Naeschke fine clocks comes “La mignone“-

a special table clock. Measururing L 30 x D 14 x H 13,5 cms this clock shows an aesthetic affinity with smaller apartment furniture and desks. The profile of the formed clockwork plates are reminiscent of the shapes of the cabinets of the classical German Buffet-Uhren.

Variation NT5RH – The Rhodium Version

Each movement of the “La mignone“ series is made by hand, piece by piece in the best Naeschke tradition. All components undergo a lengthy production process during which they are continuously cut and polished with the very finest compounds and finally gilded to hold and preserve the finish. For accurate time-keeping a shockproof Swiss platform with anchor escapement and screwed balance is fitted. The bright red of the seventeen ruby bearings and endstones stands in beautiful contrast with the golden sheen of the gilded parts. The 14-day movement lightly floats over its black anodized aluminium base and the fitted glass chamber invites a completely free appreciation of the filigreed mechanics. Fine polished, flame-blued hands orbit a matt rhodium galvanized dial.

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