Matthias Naeschke – NL 200

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Posterprint NL 200

This long case clock, with its eight-week movement and its half-hour strike, using two large bells (ding, dong), is a classic and distinguished living room clock, or hall clock.

This carefully fashioned clock is predestined to provide permanent pleasure to anyone with style and culture. Even if the owners are absent for longer periods of time, the clock will still be running and striking on their return.

The sturdy movement, which has been designed to last for generations, has great potential for a variety of special individual requirements. Apart from hours, minutes and seconds, it can indicate the date, the full calendar, the perpetual calendar, equation of time, the phases of the moon, etc. It is shown here with a special reminder or wake-up function, which has never before been implemented.

As an alternative to the German silver chapter ring with Roman numerals, there is also a closed version with Arabic Breguet numerals. A closed, domed enamel dial with Baroque pierced hands, and without the date and the second hand, transform this clock into an unostentatious and timeless piece of art.

On special request, a hand-engraved dial made of sterling silver can be used instead. The irresistible beauty of utterly flawless, hand-made mechanics speaks for itself.Hardened, highly polished steel pinions, 12 ball bearings, 9 ruby bearings, and in particular the large ruby pallets on the lever guarantee exceptional durability.

On every hour and every half-hour, two large, clear bells ring at a pleasant, measured pace.

Technical Features


  • Matthias Naeschke caliber 200
  • Power reserve 56 days (8 weeks) 
  • Weight drive with pulley
  • Skeletonized main plates of 4 mm brass and 7 solid pillars
  • All brass parts are mirror polished and gilded
  • Pinions and arbors hardened and polished
  • Dead-beat “Naeschke” escapement with round ruby pallets
  • Compensation pendulum beating seconds
  • Matthias Naeschke rack strike mechanism
  • Strike on the half hour and hour on two bells (ding-dong) 
  • 12 precision ball bearings, 10 ruby bearings


  • Hand-engraved chapter rings of 1.5 mm sterling silver
  • Indication of seconds
  • Indication of the date
  • Flame-blued hands
  • Optionally available full calendar and moon phase
  • Optionally available Breguet hands of flame-blued steel

Clock case

  • Cherry wood with a special “Matthias Naeschke” dark stained satin varnish
  • Despite the dark varnish, the wood structure is still visible
  • Different wood types and colours are available
  • 6 bevelled glasses
  • Marquetry of mother of pearl and yewwood


  • Height x width x depht: 206 x 42 x 23 cms


We offer different possibilities for individualization. The movements can be refined in yellow gold, rhodium or rose gold. The wooden cases can be adapted to existing interior fittings.

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