Matthias Naeschke – NL 125 RH

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Posterprint NL 125RH

The three-week clock with a 1 ¼ -second pendulum and free gravity escapement is a clock, the likes of which have never been seen before in this design, construction and quality.

The innovative design of Matthias Naeschke goes to show that the potential for further developments in the field of mechanical precision clocks is far from exhausted. The combination of the finest of materials with first-class clock-making guarantees durable clocks with lasting value for generations.

The technical highlight of this clock is an extremely robust gravity escapement, especially developed by Matthias Naeschke. Four heavy, circular ruby pallets work with the escape wheel without dynamic unlocking problems. Neither the energy flow of the train, with only two transmission ratios, nor the ambient temperature have any influence. Gravity is the only influence on the two arms of the lever and the two precisely adjustable impulse arms, thus ensuring that the amplitude of the pendulum is permanently constant. This ideal situation is the prerequisite for making a true precision clock out of a mechanical clock.

The hand-engraved, massive (1.5 mm) sterling-silver dial, blued, pierced hands, polished, gold-plated brass components, large rubies and a fine, stained cherry-wood case with unostentatious intarsia and silver veins combine to make up a single stylistic unit. The aesthetics of this long case clock convey the feeling of harmony. The 1.77-meter pendulum sways solemnly yet soothingly.

You can tell the time precisely and at the same time feel what time really means.

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