Miki Eleta – Portrait

Miki Eleta - Portrait

The fascination of the eternal search for unique creations

Miki Eleta handcrafted on his own contemporary timepieces in the tradition of the Swiss Haute horlogerie. Each of his complex time piece is a unique work of art produced only one single time.

Each new creation is driven by his deep fascination for time measurement, innovation and kinetic art. Therefore there are no limits for his desire to look for new technical challenges, unique emotional displays as well as fascinating contemporary designs.


I do not respect the idea that nothing is unknown

Reflecting on clocks, inventions, works of art, time

What a chance to take part in the manufacturing of a clock!

Writing down notes on a piece of paper, holding on to the ideas, approaching to each other reality and inspiration. Subordinating myself to the play of cogwheels and levers, producing all components myself, learning new techniques – unknown ways open, ideas flash through my mind.

I love this process and I like all the difficulties I have to cope with because they do not occur by chance. Manufacturing a clock means to me feeling life and adventure. I respect all that has been invented so far – but I do not respect the idea that nothing is unknown. Therefore I do not stop searching for surprises, new forms, unknown movements and presentations. The realization of imagination.

Clocks have entered my world of kinetic art and sounds and they remain there. All my works of art are unique and I do not accept any repetition, in no case, there is enough fantasy, inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation.


Miki Eleta was born in 1950 in Visegrad (Bosnia and Herzegovina). He has lived in Switzerland since 1973. Starting in 1996, he has mainly worked on kinetic art and clock building (exhibitions, various commissions for interior rooms and exterior areas). Since 2004 he has mainly concentrated on private orders and exhibitions relating to clockmaking.

Selection of orders and exhibitions:

  • 2002 6 x 10 m tall kinetic sculpture in the area of Friesenberg in Zurich
  • 2003 Fountain at the entrance of the Musée International de l’Horlogerie, La-Chaux-de-Fonds
  • 2003 7 x 5 m tall kinetic sculpture with music-playing harlequins above the entrance of the Museum CIMA
  • 2005 – 2007 Various private commissions both at home and abroad
  • 2006 Participation at Baselworld 2006 and 2007 as candidate of the AHCI
  • 2007 Participation in the exhibition ON TIME at the Museum of Design Zurich. Realization of a wrist watch with patented cyclical indicator. Participation in the AHCI exhibition in Dresden.
  • 2008 Participation at the Basel World. Admission as a member of the AHCI (05/04/2010). Participation in the exhibition in Vienna Time Vienna.

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