NT 6 „La Céleste”

Dimensions: 45 x 32 x 25 cm ( H x B x T )
Price Range (inkl. VAT): 20 – 30.000,00 €
Shipping included. (Details)
Posterprint NT6

Table Clock – New Table Clock Model

The new table clock model “La céleste” of Matthias Naeschke clock manufactory has a 14-day running movement including a very unusual escapement construction.

Indeed the escape wheel has a radiant manifestation in this new creation. Extra large and mounted centrally in the skeletonized main plates, it dominates the entire clockwork. It engages perfectly with the half second anchor escapement to divide the feather-light gearing into small, precisely measured portions. And since a clockwork never consists only of one wheel, all further wheels of the “La céleste” are mounted in a floating gilded bridge between the main plates.

The NT 6 “La céleste” is classically shaped and fixed on four finely glazed silvered and gilded columns. Protection for the movement is accomplished with a complex metal frame and faceted glass canopy. This remarkable case with opening front door consists of 33 different parts secured with 45 screws. With the model NT 6 “La céleste” it is finished in a chemical process to give it the appearance of bronze. Knurled adjustment screws at the four corners of the base set shiny gold accents. They are in beautiful contrast to the matte bronze colour of the base. Presented in this way, the table clock 6 “La céleste” is a stylistic highlight of finest clockmaking and anew each day, it draws the clock enthusiast into its spell through its transparency and technical finesse.

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