LIBRA Square

The Epicyclic Skeleton Clock

At its heart, LIBRA, is a 10-day spring-driven pendulum clock. One of the interesting and unusual features found in this timepiece refers to its train, which is actually an epicyclic (planetary gearing) one. The motion work is based on the Ferguson Mechanical Paradox which avoids the need for a 12 to 1 gear train between the hour hand and the minute hand.

Perhaps, the most evident change that occurred, in order to be different from the original design, is the substitution of the metal case with two glass plates which give an impression as if the clock mechanism is suspended mid-air.


Such a solution allows for the possibility to make the core element visible to the audience, inviting them to look at the clock differently, from a new perspective, thus appreciating its pure mechanism and maybe discovering something new and intriguing for themselves. William Strutt’s clock traditionally mounted the recoil escapement which, after a series of calculations, we substituted with the Graham one. The piece thus delivers a more precise performance.

The Invar pendulum which in the original version is linked at the back, is moved to the left side of the clockwork to enhance its aesthetical appeal. It was done for those clock lovers who never want to miss its constant and gentle motion.


LIBRA SQUARE (Gold & DLC Version)


Technical Description


  • 24K-Gold / Rhodium coating or DLC-PVD / Rhodium coating.
  • Graham escapement.
  • One-side pushing extremely asymmetric crutch.
  • Regulating screw of a crutch with a ruby on the tip for low coefficient of friction.
  • Invar pendulum rod.
  • Stainless steel arbors, revolution on ball bearing.
  • 10-day power reserve.


  • Marble / Wood / Aluminium base
  • Flame-harden crystal glass – 8mm thickness
  • Flame-harden glass of central ring wheel – 4 mm thickness


  • Width 380mm
  • Height 380mm
  • Depth 155mm


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