The Mecca Clock Tower

Mecca_ClockThe Mecca Clock Tower

Built from 2004 to 2012 with a height of 601 meters. The building has 120 floors, which are connected with 94 elevators. The area has a total of 1.575 million square meters.

The Hotel Tower is topped by the largest clock in the world. Dials are mounted on all four sides and each has a diameter of 43 meters. They are illuminated by two million LED lights. The execution is based to be able to read the clock up to 8 kilometers away. The dial is made of an glass mosaic with more than 90 million pieces, whereupon the arms of Saudi Arabia can be seen. The minute hand has a lenght of 23 meters and a width of 3.5 meters, and can be walked on. The weight is 7.5 tons. The hour hand is 18 meters long. The clock is equipped with solar power.

The clock and the spir of the main tower (from a height of 450 meters) has been designed and built by SL-Rasch GmbH under the direction of the architect Mahmoud Bodo Rasch.

The Golden Model

Mecca_Clock-ImageThis clock is an exact replica of the original plans of the largest clock in the world, the Clock Tower of the Royal clock Tower in Mecca. In collaboration with the architect Dr. Rasch, the creator of the original clock in Mecca, Mauthe succeeded to capture the fascination that represents this landmark in the Arab World.

Fabled 1.000 working hours are needed to complete this unique clock. Every ornament, every little detail has its importance and is therefore reproduced with the highest accurancy.

This masterpiece in gold, silver, enamel and precious stones is awarded as extraordinary recognition of the King on very special occassions.






Technical Specifications


Mauthe 4-Side Gearbox


Quartz Clock, Made in Germany, solar powered

Ball Bearings



Solid Sterling Silver 925, 18 carat fine Gold gold-plated, enamelled

Base Plate

Brass Sunburst Pattern, 18 carat fine Gold gold-plated


Solid Ebony, Piano-finish enriched with purde mother-of-perl inlay

Clock Face / Dial

Solid Sterling Silver 925

Clock Hands

Brass polished and  gold-plated

Glass Dome

Mineral glass , handcrafted


Swarovski stones


∅ 235 mm x H 470 mm


6,0 kg

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