TM3 – The small Time Machine

The TM3 is a smaller Time Machine, with 4 types of models either wall-mounted and freestanding. It is available in a variety of finishs, including black, matte silver and gold. We can also design unique combinations of finishes, including gold leaf or monochromatic.

TM3 Time Machine
Johann Paulina Kaspar


Height: 1.3 or 1.8 meters
Platform area: 30 x 30 cm
Weight: 10 kg
Freestanding or wall-mounted version
Discreet indication of minute and hour by wire hands
Black or matte-silver anodized frame
Black, silver or gold anodized gears and pendulum bob
Special version: Gold plated pendulum bob
Edition: Each version is limited to 99 numbered pieces
Double spiral spring drive
Number of gears: 8
Maximum diameter of gears: 265 mm
Frequency: 30 beats (reciprogcating motions) per minute
Run-time: 8 days
Pendulum bob diameter: 240 mm
Weight of escape wheel: 12 gram
All axles supported by double side ball bearings with non-contact seals
Anchor arms with spring-loaded technology provides smooth and almost silent operation requiring minimal drive energy (int. pat. pend.)

Gerhard M.

I am founder of Archides Uhren GmbH, the only specialist Clock Shop in Austria. We love to work with small, highly individualized companies as the member of the AHCI are. We continuous have products of Matthias Naeschke, Sinclair Harding, Philippe Wurtz, Peter Wibmer, Pita Barcelona and Konstantin Chaykin in our store.

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