TM1 & 2 – The first Time Machine

The first generation of Time Machines TM1 was created with the goal of showing that time is much more than positions of minute and hour hands. Time as a continuum, time as something discoverable with our senses, audible, visible, a thing that inspires wonder. Our goal was to create a sense of timeless eternity in a room through the sound of the machine
and the meditative swing of the pendulum.

The second generation, called TM2, is equipped with an elegant, simple, and shapely minute and hour indicator,
with a rotating minute hand a ring gear with an integrated hour marker. timemachine.tm2.copper timemachine.tm2.nickel
Gold Copper Nickel


Height: 2.1 meters
Platform area: 75 x 50 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Frame: black or nickel coated
Wheels, screws, pendulum and weight: gold-, nickel- or copper-plated
Edition limited to 20 pieces
Impulse through weight
Number of gears: 4
Maximum diameter of gears: 600 mm
Frequency: 24 beats (reciprocating motions) per minute
Connection between gears by means of spiral springs
Run-time: 3 days
Escape wheel with a diameter of 500 mm

Schlumpf Zeitmaschinen - Time Machines TM1 & 2 Schlumpf Zeitmaschinen - Time Machines TM1 & 2 Schlumpf Zeitmaschinen - Time Machines TM1 & 2

Gerhard M.

I am founder of Archides Uhren GmbH, the only specialist Clock Shop in Austria. We love to work with small, highly individualized companies as the member of the AHCI are. We continuous have products of Matthias Naeschke, Sinclair Harding, Philippe Wurtz, Peter Wibmer, Pita Barcelona and Konstantin Chaykin in our store.

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