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Clock – Collection: Ant’s Tourbillon

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Collection Description:

Mankind has long dreamt of conquering Time, of measuring Time. And so, we create complex devices to transpose the flow of Time into precise numbers and dates.

Skillful watchmakers create astonishing movements to intrigue and entrance us. We are but human – we are not satisfied to know that clocks and watches work – we are compelled to lift the veil of secrecy and observe for ourselves how the movements work within their sapphire dome.

Technical Informations:

Konstantin Chaykin is pleased to satisfy this curiosity in the Ant’s Tourbillon Clock. Metalwork is minimal on the bridges and the plates and you can observe delicate gears moving through the eternity of Time through a misty sapphire veil.

Skeleton hour and minute hands highlight the magnificent face; we are transposed into a tiny kingdom of luxury by the tiny hands and the royal blue of the face. A one minute flying tourbillion to count the seconds is the final touch.

Seventeen rubies minimize friction between the exposed movements, which are merely 83 millimeters high and could fit even into a pocket watch. The entire clock, from base to dome is only 130 mm high and 84 mm in diameter: The Ant’s Tourbillon Clock is indeed one of the smallest tourbillon clocks in the world

Konstantin Chaykin is releasing The Ant’s Tourbillon Clock in a very limited edition – only a few lovers of extraordinary clock movements will be able to possess one.


Model: T700MG7000BS

Clock-Ants Tourbillon

  • Ref.:                              T700MG7000BS
  • Price range:               20 – 30.000,00 € (incl. VAT)
  • Movement:                TCT 02-0
  • Frequency:                18,000 vibrations per hour, 17 jewels, anchor, one-minute tourbillion, 8 days power reserve
  • Functions:                  hours, minutes
  • Dial:                               skeletonized, gilded brass, steel hands manually blued
  • Case:                              mineral glass
  • Dimensions:               130 mm height, 84 mm width (diameter)

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