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Matthias Naeschke Table Clock NT10

Today the classic hand-blown glass dome is popular with collectors and museums to present particularly fine and valuable objects in a stylish way which is visible from all sides. It was particularly tempting to combine the old craftsmanship of the glassblowers with our art of clockmaking and to translate this into the finest values of today.

The skeleton clock NT 10 is already the second clock model in our range using a glass dome for protection. When designing the base of the case, we were inspired by ship floors and ship hulls. A highly polished and gilded 6mm brass plate with cut-outs and four levelling screws form the base. The upper base is made of finely grained Sapele wood and with its concave profile, it is reminiscent of the hull of a ship. Fine inlays of maple further emphasize the maritime evocation. In the color spectrum of the woods, the radiant yellow gold as well as the silver accents of the clockwork blend together harmoniously. It rests on four classic shaped columns above the wooden base, showing the time on a chapter ring of hand-engraved sterling silver. All wheels of the clockwork run either in precision ball bearings or in ruby bearings.

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Table Clock NT7


Table Clock NT 7

An 8-day movement in restrained design and technical perfection creates absolute transparency in this clock.

A special attention to detail, innovative ideas and their implementation in technical perfection characterises all clocks from the house of Matthias Naeschke.  And naturally the new clock NT 7 is no exception.  By creating transparency nothing remains concealed. With the exception only of the red of the ruby jewels and the pallets, the colours of black and silver dominate perceptions of this clock.

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Sun and Moon Clock

Sun & Moon

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 10 – 20.000,00 €
Shipping included. (Details)

This elegant Skeleton clock with a novel pendulum arrangement features a dramatic hand painted Sun and Moon dial. The dial rotates once a day revealing a Day and Night sky into which is incorporated a Moonphase aperture showing the different phases of the moon throughout the 29 ½ day cycle.

The Pendulum bob is mounted between the enamel dial and the front plate and the bob itself is shaped like the rising Sun which reflects light of its many facets in motion giving added life to the clock.

Between the massively thick plates the movement is light and airy featuring wheels with 5 and 6 crossings and the whole clock is mounted on a wooden base of your choice, French polished to a mirror finish.

The movement is powered by a going barrel and has a minimum 8 days going, wound from the front the key is stored into the side of the base.
Finally the whole clock is protected by a framed glass shade, which does not need to be removed for winding.

Height 60cm (24”)
Width 32cm (12 ½”)
Depth 16cm (6 ¼”)

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Matthias Naeschke Table Clock NT8

The clock manufactory Matthias Naeschke sets coloured accents

For more than three decades the brand name of Matthias Naeschke stands for exclusivity and the highest quality craftsmanship of clocks, manufactured in small quantities or as unique stand-alone pieces.
At this year’s Baselworld the German clock manufacturer is setting radiant rose gold accents with a newly created table clock in the shape of the classic 8-day. The NT 8 catches the eye of the viewer in addition to its exceptional colour – incidentally the first table clock from the German clockmakers in rose gold – but also due to numerous technical refinements and our artisan expertise. Here, especially note the small distance of the wheels between the main plates of just 21mm. Thus, the NT 8 is one of the slimmest skeleton clocks ever made. This became possible by an ingenious three-piece barrel structure in which a very small mainspring is inserted directly into a section of the large main wheel. Looking at the movement from the side, it would be easy to believe there is no barrel needed in this movement.

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NT 6 “La gracieuse”

Dimensions: 45 x 32 x 25 cm ( H x B x T )
Price Range (inkl. VAT): 20 – 30.000,00 €
Shipping included. (Details)
Posterprint NT6

Table Clock NT 6 „Retrograde seconds” – New Table Clock Model

Another new complication is now available for the existing collection of table clocks. With the models NT 6 “La gracieuse” and NT 6”La brillante” a retrograde seconds indication can be ordered. Within one minute, a gilded hand describes an angle of 90° before jumping back and beginning the next 60 seconds. The hand sits on a small column between the two main columns where the movement is mounted. The black segment with its glossy white printing fits perfect to the main dial of the clock.


  • Duration 14 days
  • Main plates of 4 mm hard brass
  • Highly polished surfaces gilded or rhodium plated
  • Highly polished and hardened pinions
  • 9 ruby bearings
  • Ruby pallets
  • Dead beat anchor escapement
  • ½ seconds beating 5-rod pendulum
  • Black chapter ring with glossy white printing
  • Flame blued steel hands
  • Indication of retrograde seconds in front of the pendulum bob on a 90°-segment
  • Base and columns made of black anodized aluminium with polished applications and adjustment screws
  • Each column consists of 6 different parts
  • Glass canopy with front door and 5 bevelled glasses

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Caykin Tourbillon 55
Caykin Tourbillon 55
Caykin Tourbillon 55

Collection Description:

Our fleeting, fast-paced and forward-moving lives are replete with numbers. Whether we realise it or not, we all depend on numbers. Everything that surrounds us on a daily basis can be traced back to a number: a date of birth, a ticket, a telephone or tramway number, the number of parking spaces, the pin code of a bank card, etc.

The premise of numerology is that all phenomena in the universe are interrelated by one common numerical pattern. In this system, odd numbers are considered stronger and more masculine, while the more feminine even numbers are considered gentler and more acquiescent. If an odd number is added to an even number, the result is an odd number, demonstrating that male, odd numbers dominate. This is why odd numbers have leading, overwhelmingly male characteristics and even numbers, managerial and intuitive characteristics.

The number 5 is one of the most ancient, for it appeared in primitive society when primitive man had to count objects. The first numbers did not have names and were shown with the help of fingers: one set of five fingers equalled the number 5, two such sets equalled 10, etc.In numerology, numbers with two identical figures, such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 66, and so on, contain strong energy, which has a particular influence on the life of the person with whom they are associated. The number 55 is considered to possess powerful male energy. Priests in Ancient Babylon saw a combination of two energies in this number: the beginning of everything and its destruction. A person associated with the number 55 will destroy all the enemies in his way. In the Chinese Book of Changes, the 55th hexagram symbolises abundance and the start of a very successful, productive and stable period in life.

Technical Informations:

Konstantin Chaykin has created an astounding clock named Tourbillon 55, equipped with a one-minute tourbillon. Its main feature is its one-minute “whirlwind”, which crowns the design of its gear train. Apart from illustrating the complexity of the movement, the one-minute tourbillon performs an additional function, replacing the seconds hand. The anchor is located inside a mobile platform containing the balance at its centre. It completes a full rotation around its axis in exactly one minute. The movement of the clock is composed of hundreds of miniature parts assembled with the help of a special microscope. This unique movement contains 11 jewels and 6 precision bearings held in place by rings with gilded collets and screw fastenings. Located on the drum of the spring is a device (in the shape of a Maltese cross) that limits the winding torque of the spring to enhance the accuracy of the movement’s operation.

What’s more, this complex movement is only 15 cm tall. The case chosen to show its perfection is made from precious woods and nickel-plating brass


Model: T755SS700300

Caykin Tourbillon 55
Caykin Tourbillon 55
  • Ref.:                             T755SS700300
  • Price range:              20 – 25.000,00 € (incl. VAT)
  • Movement:               TCT 01-0
  • Frequency:               18,000 vibrations per hour, 11 jewels, anchor escapement, one-minute tourbillion, 10 days power reserve, winding stop device in the shape of Maltese cross
  • Functions:                 hours, minutes, seconds
  • Dial:                              gilded brass, nickel-plating, steel hands manually blued
  • Case:                             steel, brass, nickel-plating, precious woods (wenge), mineral crystal
  • Dimensions:               165 mm х 232 mm х 129 mm

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