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Great Wheel Clockmary-Rhodium 0

Rosemary Great Wheel Clock

Variations: Gold or Rhodium Price Range (incl. VAT): 5 – 15.000,00 € HEIGHT  : 27cm.  WIDTH  : 20cm.  DEPTH  : 10cm.Shipping included. (Details) Rosemary which first came into being in 2009, is a miniaturised version of the Great Wheel Skeleton Clock and was designed to include an integral bevelled glass case and base.  The pendulum is hung from a silk type suspension, which can be lowered and...

Sinclair Harding Two-Train 0

Two Train Condliff Clock

Variations: Gold or Rhodium The two train skeleton clock based on the design of James Condliff, Liverpool circa 1860. This is the latest addition to the range of skeleton clocks made by Sinclair Harding, based on the series 2 style manufactured by the famous Liverpool clockmaker James Condliff. In the Victorian era may be less than 100 skeleton clocks of...

NT2 Special 0

NT2 Special

Technical masterpiece in an artfully completed form Complications and high-quality materials in noble housing – so you could quickly and briefly get to the point, what makes this unique piece of a table clock from our manufactory. Both in clockwork and in the making of case and dials, we have really drawn all registers with this extraordinarily complicated timepiece. Long...



Grande Complication with two dials and perpetual calendar The design philosophy for our table clock NT 2 was to create a timepiece that will provide for business people (or the private individual) to assimilate the different time-zones around the world. For this purpose we considered all the necessary functions that facilitate international communication. The NT 2 unites a perpetual calendar,...

Matthias Naeschke Table Clock NT10 0

NT 10 – Month running & ‘maritime’ design

Today the classic hand-blown glass dome is popular with collectors and museums to present particularly fine and valuable objects in a stylish way which is visible from all sides. It was particularly tempting to combine the old craftsmanship of the glassblowers with our art of clockmaking and to translate this into the finest values of today. The skeleton clock NT...

Matthias Naeschke Table Clock NT8

NT8 – Naeschke sets coloured accents

This year, with the table clock NT 8, the clockmakers at the Matthias Naeschke workshop have again created a timepiece that impresses with the highest precision and with a wealth of ideas in terms of technically detailed solutions – superbly finished in polished rose gold.