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Matthias Naeschke – NL 500 GG – 4 Year Clock

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 45 – 55.000,00 €Shipping included. (Details)Posterprint NL 500 Why is the Naeschke workshop always looking for new challenges? Sounding out the frontiers of physics and translating the results into harmonious objects is without question a wonderful task. The fascination of mechanics really begins on its boundaries. It is usually a question of the boundaries of stability,...

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Matthias Naeschke – NL 400

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 60 – 70.000,00 €Shipping included. (Details)Posterprint NL 400 The NL 400 is an exceptionally beautiful clock. Its movement is appreciated by lovers of craftsmanship and technology alike. A great deal of ambition and loving detail went into this half-hour striking movement. Its persuasively harmonious design and extremely robust construction promise durability for generations. Once wound, this...

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Matthias Naeschke – NL 200

Price Range (incl. VAT): 60 – 70.000,00 €Shipping included. (Details)Posterprint NL 200 This long case clock, with its eight-week movement and its half-hour strike, using two large bells (ding, dong), is a classic and distinguished living room clock, or hall clock. This carefully fashioned clock is predestined to provide permanent pleasure to anyone with style and culture. Even if the...