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Seaclock Moonphase 0

Seaclocks – Moonphase

Sea Clock – Moonphase Dimensions: 45 x 32 x 21 cm ( H x B x T ) Price Range (inkl. VAT): 15 – 25.000,00 € Shipping included. (Details) Probably the most popular clock in our range of Sea clocks, the Moonphase Sea clock embodies 3 of John Harrison’s basic principles used his original H1. It also provides in the...


Sinclair Hardings H1

Price Range (inkl. VAT): > 100.000,00 € Shipping included. (Details) Posterprint John Harrison (born 31. März 1693 in Foulby near Wakefield, Yorkshire; † 24. März1776 in London) was a self-educated English clockmaker. He invented the “marine chronometer”, a long-sought device in solving the problem of establishing the East-West position or longitude of a ship at sea, thus revolutionising and extending...