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Seaclock Moonphase 0

Seaclocks – Moonphase

Variations:Gold or Rhodium Price Range (inkl. VAT): 15 – 25.000,00 €Dimensions: 45 x 32 x 21 cm ( H x B x T )Shipping included. (Details) Our range of Sea Clocks are inspired by the great John Harrison. In each clock we have embodied at least three of the basic principles from Harrison’s first Sea Clocks. Perhaps his most well...


Sinclair Hardings H1

Price Range (inkl. VAT): > 100.000,00 € Shipping included. (Details) Posterprint John Harrison (born 31. März 1693 in Foulby near Wakefield, Yorkshire; † 24. März1776 in London) was a self-educated English clockmaker. He invented the “marine chronometer”, a long-sought device in solving the problem of establishing the East-West position or longitude of a ship at sea, thus revolutionising and extending...