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Tischflötenuhr mit 26 Tonstufen 0

Table-Flute-Clock with 26 tones

Price on RequestShiping included. (Details) This organ clock is the first design of Matthias Naeschke. Its base construction was made in the early 1980s and has been progressively improved and modernised. Today, after more than thirty years, this table clock is still fascinating with its big rich sound of the 26 wooden pipes and the listener has the impression that...

Table-Flute-Clock with 17 tones 1

Table-Flute-Clock with 17 tones

Prices on ApplicationShipping included. (Details) The pipe organ is the centrepiece of this clock. Now we can admire the clock dial and gilded hands together with the structured array of tuned organ pipes. This contrasts with the 18th century preference of organ clock makers to conceal the possibility of the clock to play music. Its elegant design owns the clock...