Sun and Moon Clock

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 10 – 20.000,00 €
Shipping included. (Details)

This elegant Skeleton clock with a novel pendulum arrangement features a dramatic hand painted Sun and Moon dial. The dial rotates once a day revealing a Day and Night sky into which is incorporated a Moonphase aperture showing the different phases of the moon throughout the 29 ½ day cycle.

The Pendulum bob is mounted between the enamel dial and the front plate and the bob itself is shaped like the rising Sun which reflects light of its many facets in motion giving added life to the clock.

Between the massively thick plates the movement is light and airy featuring wheels with 5 and 6 crossings and the whole clock is mounted on a wooden base of your choice, French polished to a mirror finish.

The movement is powered by a going barrel and has a minimum 8 days going, wound from the front the key is stored into the side of the base.
Finally the whole clock is protected by a framed glass shade, which does not need to be removed for winding.

Height 60cm (24”)
Width 32cm (12 ½”)
Depth 16cm (6 ¼”)

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