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Seaclocks – Moonphase

Seaclocks - Moonphase

Sea Clock – Moonphase

Dimensions: 45 x 32 x 21 cm ( H x B x T )
Price Range (inkl. VAT): 15 – 25.000,00 €
Shipping included. (Details)

Probably the most popular clock in our range of Sea clocks, the Moonphase Sea clock embodies 3 of John Harrison’s basic principles used his original H1. It also provides in the Moonphase dial a representation of the competition (Lunar distance method) he faced for the solution to the Longitude problem back in the 18th Century.

Seaclocks - Moonphase
The compound pendulums and Grasshopper escapement are positioned at the front of the clock making the subtle and almost silent “lock and release” of the pallets enduringly fascinating to watch.

Almost every piece is made in the workshops of Sinclair Harding using a combination of modern technology, materials and traditional finishing techniques. Every care is taken at each stage in the making and build to ensure that the final clock performs to a standard, which justifies the association with John Harrison.

Almost all the non moving parts are Gold plated and the whole clock is mounted on a base of your choice into which the key and hand setter are stored, Mahogany is the standard material but other options are Ebony, Walnut, and Marble, if we can get it, you can have it.

Finally the clock is protected by a framed glass shade (not shown) into which holes are provided in the glass allowing the winding to be carried out without having to remove the shade.

Height 45cm (18”)
Width 32cm (12 ½”)
Depth 21cm (8 ¼”)
Seaclocks - Moonphase

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