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Sinclair Harding, a fascinating mantel clock

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Sinclair Harding, a fascinating mantel clock

“My home is my castle,” Englishman maintaining to tell you. Behind this course, proverbial wisdom hides far more than just the definition of home as a refuge from the rigors of the harsh daily life.

The own four walls are “trendy” again. Friends and business partners feel higly pleased to be invited in your private home. In such situations sceleton clocks from Sinclair Harding would be a perfect “ice breaker” within conversations.

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Archides - 2007 - 02
Clocks have been an important part of any upper class interior design, nowadays only few people know about
their fascination. Depending on the modell there are majorities places to design ot technology, which offers the interested buyer an intersting spectrum of wall, table or floorclocks.

Compared to their origin, church- or tower clocks, they fullfill more than just showing time, moonphases, dates and other complications are to be found in modern clocks.

Clocks have a majestic appearance. Especially Grandfatherclocks (Floorclocks) and other modells with long pendulums become the heartbeat of the residence. Insiders also connect certain modells with personal stories
or historic facts.

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Gerne unterbreiten wir Ihnen auch einen kostenlosen Kostenvoranschlag für Restaurationsarbeiten.

Wir arbeiten mir ausgewählten und hochqualifizierten Handwerker aus allen Bereichen des Restaurationskunsthandwerks in ganz Österreich zusammen. Vom Emaileur, Kunsttischler bis hin zu individuellen Metallarbeiten kennen wir die Besten Ihrer Zunft.

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Livingroom Clocks as meditative objects

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„Maybe it is the fast rythum of our lifestyle that made many people start creating the other pole in their lifes at home, including a Clock“ says Klaus Messerklinger „Many Clockowners consider their clocks as the Heart of their home.“

It is a fact that Clocks do have a very relaxing Impression to our pulse. This Phaenominum we can see daily, when customers take lots of time to get inspired and to select their personal favorite.

Another aspect that makes clocks a trendy product is the fact that people do invest lots more time and also money in their Interior Design, which clocks are an important part of.

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