Matthias Naeschke – NR 366 – Classical regulator reinterpreted

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 25 – 35.000,00 €
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Posterprint NR366

Long duration clocks are a cornerstone trademark of the exclusive living room clocks from the manufacture of Matthias Naeschke in the South German village of Haigerloch. The new Regulator NR 366 with eight months running reserve, perfectly fits the philosophy of the brand.

And now for the first time Naeschke introduces a classic Regulator Dial – but not completely. Contrary to the classic ‘Regulator’ indications where seconds are read on a seconds sub-dial, the NR 366 seconds are read directly at the fundamental escape wheel of the clock movement This wheel has 120 teeth, is engraved in ten-second segments and revolves once in four minutes (being 240 pendulum ‘ticks’). Thus, by means of a small pointer, mounted directly over the engraved rim of the wheel, the seconds can be read precisely. Hours and minutes are read on two hand engraved chapter rings made of sterling silver and the delicate minute hand is counter-weighted to eliminate torque variation. The gilded skeleton movement of the NR 366 is manufactured observing the best traditional craftsmanship and each part is made by hand. Six modern stainless steel ball bearings, four ruby bearings and ruby pallets at the anchor are just some of the high-value features of this clock. Together with its grid-iron temperature compensating pendulum, the NR 366 movement is incorporated into a superb nut-wood cabinet. In addition Matthias Naeschke offers further variants of this clock including colour choice of clockwork or cabinet and proceeding to completely unique pieces, built to the absolute wishes of the client.

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