Matthias Naeschke – NL 400

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The NL 400 is an exceptionally beautiful clock. Its movement is appreciated by lovers of craftsmanship and technology alike. A great deal of ambition and loving detail went into this half-hour striking movement.

Its persuasively harmonious design and extremely robust construction promise durability for generations. Once wound, this beautiful, gold-plated movement runs and strikes for a full four months.

The prerequisite for this is an extremely regular torque transmission. The perfection and precision of the toothing was therefore carried to extremes.

Fourteen stainless, triple-screwed ball bearings, 9 ruby bearings and large ruby pallets on the lever also play an important role.

The well-established Naeschke 5-rod compensation pendulum is used to regulate the rate. Despite the small dimensions of the striking mechanism, remarkable rate results are achieved.

However, the main reason for the clock running so long is the newly developed Naeschke striking mechanism, which requires only 50% of the energy of conventional striking mechanisms. What is interesting is that you can observe the striking mechanism and the bell from the front. A lot of experimenting was done before the final decision was made on the shape and hence the pure and crystal clear sound of the silver-bronze bell.

There is a choice of two versions of the NL400:

1. A large chapter ring with an inner second scale or
2. A small chapter ring, with an outer second scale, which puts more emphasis on the form of the mechanism.

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