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Today many of precious old organ clocks are to be found in private collections and museums. As the clocks made by Matthias Naeschke follow in the long tradition of organ clock making, and his skills are recognised world-wide, time and again he is asked by collectors and the museum curators throughout the world for advice and information on an old organ clock.

Any repairs that are needed, including making a new organ barrel, are carried out in his workshop in Haigerloch.
The repairs will be done by Matthias Naeschke.

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Gerhard M.

I am founder of Archides Uhren GmbH, the only specialist Clock Shop in Austria. We love to work with small, highly individualized companies as the member of the AHCI are. We continuous have products of Matthias Naeschke, Sinclair Harding, Philippe Wurtz, Peter Wibmer, Pita Barcelona and Konstantin Chaykin in our store.


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