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The centre of the flower clock carries a glass dragon. It turns about its axis and every minute turns over a glass leaf with its claws to reveal the coloured reverse. At the start of every hour, a meticulously finished mechanism slowly opens the leaves of one of the twelve octofoliate golden flowers, which remains fully open at the end of every complete hour. Shortly after 12 o’clock, all the flowers close again and the first starts to open once more. Next to the dragon, one of the most complex symbols of China, and nestled among the flowers is a glass crane, symbolising long life and wisdom, which pecks away at time every second. The clock boasts a seconds pendulum. The Huygens winding mechanism is concealed inside the column, whereupon a climbing glass monkey indicates the position of the driving-weight. The Monkey is the ninth in the Chinese cycle of animals and is also of huge mythological significance. The Chinese Flower Clock has a power reserve of two months. The clockwork movement is gilded and chrome-plated. The flowers are made of 18K red gold and the pistils are made of silver. The glass figures were created by the Zürich-based glass craftsman, Guido Stadelmann

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