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Miki Eleta

Miki Eleta - BY2112ME 0


Technical specifications Retrograde minute Jumping hour Day of the week Phase of the moon World time indication Gravity tourbillon, chronometer escapement Outer diameter: 25 cm Height: 20 cm Weight: 5 kg Materials: gildened brass, bronze, chrome steel, glass, lapis lazuli, ruby Glass artist: Guido Stadelmann, Z├╝rich Mode of operation The retrograde minute indicator is moved by a snail. The dial...

Miki Eleta's - T12+

Miki Eleta’s T12

Every hour the dice player holds his cup up and the dice appear. The sum of visible points on the dice indicates the actual hour in the chosen time zone. On the circular world time display, a landmark is engraved for each time zone. In the clockwise direction they refer to:

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Miki Eleta – Portrait

Miki Eleta handcrafted on his own contemporary timepieces in the tradition of the Swiss Haute horlogerie. Each of his complex time piece is a unique work of art produced only one single time. Each new creation is driven by his deep fascination for time measurement, innovation and kinetic art. Therefore there are no limits for his desire to look for new technical challenges, unique emotional displays as well as fascinating contemporary designs.


New No. 25

No. 25 – The clock comes with an indication of second, minute and hour, a modified amant escapement, turnable minute and hour clock face and a phase of moon to the fore which has to be corrected every 128 years. It has a power reserve of two months. The clock isattached to a column and protected from dust by a glass cover. the clock consists of gold-plated, blue glass, lapis lazuli and cap juwels.