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by Miki Eleta

Technical specifications

  • Retrograde minute
  • Jumping hour
  • Day of the week
  • Phase of the moon
  • World time indication
  • Gravity tourbillon, chronometer escapement
  • Outer diameter: 25 cm
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Materials: gildened brass, bronze, chrome steel, glass, lapis lazuli, ruby
  • Glass artist: Guido Stadelmann, Zürich

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A fairy tale (No. 29)

Miki Eleta - Fairy Tale

The clock „A fairy tale“ has been ordered by a customer for his 18 years old daughter. Her favourite animal is the frog. The cylindric and skeletonised minute and hour dial plates rotate around their axes while the indicator remains static. The moonphase indication has to be corrected every 128 years.

On its right side the clock features a musical movement with dancing figures. For many years a different melody is played without repeating itself. The days of the week are symbolised by 7 different frogs. Every day one of them appears until they are all united on Sunday. According to the day they symbolise, each of them represents another activity.

The clock features an Eleta chronometer escapement and consists of 555 pieces made from steel and gold-plated brass. The dancers and frogs are made by the glassblower Guido Stadelmann from Zurich.

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– his largest creation to date. HIPPOCAMPUS is 2.8 metres high and features a musical movement in which the melody will not repeat itself over a hundred years.

Price Range (inkl. VAT): > 100.000,00 €
Shipping included. (Details)


Nothing is impossible. I’m not more intelligent than other people,” he says, “just more tenacious.


Completely self-taught, Miki Eleta has become a full-fledged clockmaker. He created his own escapement called the ELETA-HEMMUNG and regulates many of Miki’s complicated clocks.

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Miki Eleta’s T12

Miki Eleta’s artwork for the Baselword 2017!


Description, Functions and technical Specifications of the Clock T12+

Clockwork movement: 2 gong barrels, power reserve: 1 month, Chronometer escapement, oscillation: 1 second.

Displays: minute, hour, day of week, with AM/PM indication, week of the year, month, moon phase, world time, 4 year perpetual calendar with illustrations of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, the natural cycle of seasons, zodiac signs, constellations, orrery, musical mechanism.

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A playful piece of art.

Miki Eleta displays a new kinetic object in a class of its own.

The artist and self-taught watchmaker Miki Eleta, who lives in Zürich, expresses his very own, unusual view of time through kinetic objects that he personally constructs from start to finish in his workshop. A member of the AHCI, Eleta now presents his latest opus, called Tres Caracoles, at BASELWORLD 2014. The complex clock features some of the most sought-after complications from the world of watches, an extremely precise moon phase, a day of the week and a world time indication as well as a retrograde minute. Additionally, Miki Eleta integrated a music work, which plays a unique little tune for about 20 seconds, composed by kinetic principles. Centuries pass before the same sequence is repeated. During the musical phase seven miniature dancers and four musicians give a performance. The clock relies on an Eleta’s own escapement, which has chronometric precision. 2.0, C15
Tres Caracoles, Miki Eleta.

already sold!

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No. 26 with Elta Escapement


The clock with the Eleta escapement offers a new answer to the problem of friction loss. With the feature of a chronometer escapement it gives an impulse every 2 seconds. Embedded into a clock with second, minute and hour as well as a second pendulum, it allows a very special movement: a self-switching phase of the moon works as a weight. with a stalingly light weight of 200 gramms it reaches a power reserve of 8 days. The clock consists of gold-plated and chrome-plated parts, blue glass, lapis lazuli and cap jewels.

Die Eleta-Hemmung


The Eleta escapement provides a new answer to the problem of friction loss. It has charackteristics of a chronometer escapement and gives a pulse every 2 seconds.

Animation Eleta-Escapement: (Uhrentechnik.vyskocil.de/154.html)

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