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Mayr R1650 2

Regulator R1650

Price Range (inkl. VAT): < 5.000,00 € Height: 72.5 cm Width: 24.5 cm Depth: 12 cm (the main case depth is just 11cm) Cherry/maple burl, cable driven movement with 1/2 h-striking mechanism and 8 days power reserve, striking mechanism can be switched off, genuine enamel dial, blued steel hands, bevelled glasses. Hidden compartment in the clock’s base: This regulator can...

Mayr R1690 0

Regulator R1690

Price Range (inkl. VAT): < 5.000,00 € Height: 72.5 cm Width: 23.5 cm Depth: 11.5 cm Regulator R 1690 Our new wall clock is a combination of traditional clock craftsmanship and contemporary design. The case is manufactured in dark cherry wood with fine metal inlays.

Mayr W1140 0

Replicas & traditional decorative wall clocks

These wall clocks have always been an important part of Helmut Mayr’s product range. They are still produced by hand with great attention to detail. Original designs from the 18th century are faithfully reproduced in a complex procedure using copper as a base material. The original painted clocks have been designed by an artist. These clocks will fit any interior...

Mayr T4000 0

Table Clock T4000

Price Range (incl. VAT): < 5.000,00 € Dimensions: 112 x 112 x 42 mm, height of open case approx. 108 mm. The diameter of the inner casing is 70 mm. Mechanical table clock with alarm function Unique foldable case made in a combination of light alloy and precious wood. Metal case milled from a solid block protects the precious movement....