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A longcase clock, also tall-case clock, floor clock, or grandfather clock, is a tall, freestanding, weight-driven pendulum clock with the pendulum held inside the tower or waist of the case. Clocks of this style are commonly 1.8–2.4 metres (6–8 feet) tall. The case often features elaborately carved ornamentation on the hood (or bonnet), which surrounds and frames the dial, or clock face. The English clockmaker William Clement is credited with the development of this form in 1670. Until the early 20th century, pendulum clocks were the world's most accurate timekeeping technology, and longcase clocks, due to their superior accuracy, served as time standards for households and businesses. Today they are kept mainly for their decorative and antique value.

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TM3 – Time Machines

TM3 JOHANNblack / gold TM3 JOHANNblack / silver Design: 10 gears Finish / Material: Anodized aluminum, mirror-polished stainless steel Color concept: Black anodized frame and wheelsMirror-polished gold | silver -plated pendulum and pendulum disc Dimension: 1850x 270mm, base plate 270 mm diameter Indicators: Magnetic hands for minutes & hours Hands can be removed Clockwork: Two spiral springs (to be winded periodically by hand)...

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COLLECTION from the TAKTO Collection   MOVEMENT Graham escapement. Pendulum rod made of Invar, a metal alloy with a very low thermal expansion coefficient, with compensation tube for temperature variation. DLC-coated gears and pinions (low friction coefficient). Charge autonomy: 7+1 days / Charge reserve: up to 5 minutes. Suspension spring. Elements with a reduced weight: 2,4 kg drive / 6,5 kg...

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Matthias Naeschke – NL 500 RH – 4 Year Clock

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 45 – 55.000,00 €Shipping included. (Details) Posterdruck NL 500 The opportunity to purchase something unusual or even unique, is and has always been a prominent feature of classical craftsmanship. A fine example of this is the clock NL 500 in the rhodium-plated version shown on this page. At first glance, the longcase clock NL 500 is...

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Matthias Naeschke – NL 126 GG/RH

Majestätische Präzision mit Jahresgangdauer Abmessungen: 210 x 45 x 23 cm ( H x B x T )Preisklasse (inkl. MWSt.): 45 – 55.000,00 €Lieferung inkludiert. (Details)Posterdruck Eine neue Uhr von Matthias Naeschke ist immer ein technisches wie ästhetisches Highlight. Die Standuhr NL 126 verbindet gekonnt die majestätische Anmutung eines – mit 1,75 m außergewöhnlich langen – 1 ¼ Sekundenpendels mit...

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Matthias Naeschke – NL 500 GG – 4 Year Clock

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 45 – 55.000,00 €Shipping included. (Details)Posterprint NL 500 Why is the Naeschke workshop always looking for new challenges? Sounding out the frontiers of physics and translating the results into harmonious objects is without question a wonderful task. The fascination of mechanics really begins on its boundaries. It is usually a question of the boundaries of stability,...

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Matthias Naeschke – NL 400

Price Range (inkl. VAT): 60 – 70.000,00 €Shipping included. (Details)Posterprint NL 400 The NL 400 is an exceptionally beautiful clock. Its movement is appreciated by lovers of craftsmanship and technology alike. A great deal of ambition and loving detail went into this half-hour striking movement. Its persuasively harmonious design and extremely robust construction promise durability for generations. Once wound, this...