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The timepiece «Quartime» of the «Konstantin Chaykin» manufacture proposes a new vision of indicating time. The unique idea of the watch consists in the separated counting the time in morning, day, evening and night hours. Instead of dividing the day into halves – après midi and post midi (AM/PM), the Quartime Watch divides the day into 4 segments, reflecting how...

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The piece is a poetic nod to the early era of film making and specifically honors the inventor of the zoopraxiscope, Eadweard Muybridge. The zoopraxiscope is credited as being probably the world’s first movie projector, and was produced around 1879. Using a wheel with a series of pictures on it, the machine was able to project an animated image. This...

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„Automaton JOKER“

ANDERSEN Genève & Konstantin CHAYKIN The First Collaboration. One of the Dogs from the Montre à Tact „Poker“ from ANDERSEN Genève ended up on a new Table. It is now playing Poker with Konstantin CHAYKIN’s Joker & special guests! – Bet who is winning? How it all started Back to Baselworld 2017, Konstantin CHAYKIN presented the Joker timepiece with its...

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Moskau Computus Clock

The supercomplicated movement of Moscow Computus Clock was set into nearly complicated artisanal case made with extensive use of semiprecious stones and composed of more than 2,500 parts carved from stone. The starting point of clock design was St Basil’s Cathedral, the pearl of Russian architecture and the world’s well known symbol of Moscow. The detailed work on the case of the clock took months of work of one of the best Russian artisan of stone mosaic. The case is covered with pieces of plenty of precious and semi-precious minerals and stones. Tricky stone setting technique means that artisan could elaborate just a few pieces of stone decoration a day, as every detail required six to seven finishing touches after each facet was perfectly formed and polished.

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Joker – 20.000 grimaces of high watchmaking art

Watch with a classical dial is truly impressive just for few times a day. Every watch with hands in dial modestly laughs at 10:10 and 13:50, and expresses moderate sadness at 15:40 and 20:20. New ‘Joker’ watch, presented
by Konstantin Chaykin in BaselWorld-2017, is fitted with disk hours and minutes indicators as well as moon-
phase display.

Konstantin Chaykin - Russian Time Steel

Russian Time

The unique design of the Russian Time Watch is focused on showing the time in all eleven time zones in Russia. At the top of the dial, between IX and III, we listed all of the eleven cities used to identify the time zones. Each city name is connected with a line to the hour indicator located directly below the list of cities. The actual time for each city is identified.