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The Mecca Clock Tower

Mecca_ClockThe Mecca Clock Tower

Built from 2004 to 2012 with a height of 601 meters. The building has 120 floors, which are connected with 94 elevators. The area has a total of 1.575 million square meters.

The Hotel Tower is topped by the largest clock in the world. Dials are mounted on all four sides and each has a diameter of 43 meters. They are illuminated by two million LED lights. The execution is based to be able to read the clock up to 8 kilometers away. The dial is made of an glass mosaic with more than 90 million pieces, whereupon the arms of Saudi Arabia can be seen. The minute hand has a lenght of 23 meters and a width of 3.5 meters, and can be walked on. The weight is 7.5 tons. The hour hand is 18 meters long. The clock is equipped with solar power.

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23-11-2010: Special Jury Prize

Grand Prix d´Horologie de Geneve
The AHCI was honoured at the 2010 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève when we were awarded the Special Jury prize for an outstanding contribution to fine watchmaking. This prize is all the more pertinent coming as it does in the year of the 25th anniversary of the Academy. We would like to thank the Grand Prix jury for their support and all AHCI members and candidates for keeping the spirit of independent watchmaking alive and well.

The sense, what a “good” clock is.

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The sense, what a “good” clock is.

Robert Bray’s goal is to build the best clocks.

Robert Bray, born 1956, came relatively late to clockmaking. After he left the school with 15, he began training in a small company that produced precision gears. In the university he acquired enough knowledge to complete his studies in 1979 at Brunel University in Manufacturing Technology with distinction. Until 1995, he came into this company with all forms and facets of engineering in touch: from design to production to quality control for the aerospace, military and medicine.

In 1995, he sought a new challenge. He took over the company “Sinclair Harding” (Cheltenham) from the retiring founder – Mike Hardingum to ensure that this famous watch brand has continued existence. At the same time he began to focus on the art of clockmaking. In 2002 he took the AHCI as a candidate and three years later as a member on. In 2006 he became part of the British Horological Society.

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Miki Eleta’s T12

Miki Eleta's - T12+

Miki Eleta’s artwork for the Baselword 2017!


Description, Functions and technical Specifications of the Clock T12+

Clockwork movement: 2 gong barrels, power reserve: 1 month, Chronometer escapement, oscillation: 1 second.

Displays: minute, hour, day of week, with AM/PM indication, week of the year, month, moon phase, world time, 4 year perpetual calendar with illustrations of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, the natural cycle of seasons, zodiac signs, constellations, orrery, musical mechanism.

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Sinclair Harding, a fascinating mantel clock

“My home is my castle,” Englishman maintaining to tell you. Behind this course, proverbial wisdom hides far more than just the definition of home as a refuge from the rigors of the harsh daily life.

The own four walls are “trendy” again. Friends and business partners feel higly pleased to be invited in your private home. In such situations sceleton clocks from Sinclair Harding would be a perfect “ice breaker” within conversations.

These clocks are manufactured in West Yorkshire. Built mainly by hand. Several months are going by, when the english craftsman is cutting out the boards from solid brass. Then the edges were chamfered, finely machined surfaces and gilded the whole complex. Also the wheels, the arbor and the escapement were finished lovely by hand. This is the only way to such build “art”, and the only way Sinclair Harding is doing business.
The drive of the complex mechanism is done with three barrels. In each of the traditional chain-screw principle provides a constant flow of force. The division of time into exactly equal parts of 0.4-second shuttle takes in connection with a lever escapement. The quarter hour strike movement with eight hand-tuned cast bells can be heard either a Westminster, Whittington or St.-Michel-melody.

In this sense, the sonorous, of course, always be switched off on the hour spectacle deserves the full attention of those present. Sinclair Harding the precious skeleton clock mounted on a plate made of Sicilian marble, which in turn rests on a hand-polished Mahahgoni socket. Because dust is an implacable enemy of mechanics, a glass dome covers the precious movement, but can always be unobstructed insight.

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