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The Mecca Clock Tower

Mecca_ClockThe Mecca Clock Tower

Built from 2004 to 2012 with a height of 601 meters. The building has 120 floors, which are connected with 94 elevators. The area has a total of 1.575 million square meters.

The Hotel Tower is topped by the largest clock in the world. Dials are mounted on all four sides and each has a diameter of 43 meters. They are illuminated by two million LED lights. The execution is based to be able to read the clock up to 8 kilometers away. The dial is made of an glass mosaic with more than 90 million pieces, whereupon the arms of Saudi Arabia can be seen. The minute hand has a lenght of 23 meters and a width of 3.5 meters, and can be walked on. The weight is 7.5 tons. The hour hand is 18 meters long. The clock is equipped with solar power.

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23-11-2010: Special Jury Prize

Grand Prix d´Horologie de Geneve
The AHCI was honoured at the 2010 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève when we were awarded the Special Jury prize for an outstanding contribution to fine watchmaking. This prize is all the more pertinent coming as it does in the year of the 25th anniversary of the Academy. We would like to thank the Grand Prix jury for their support and all AHCI members and candidates for keeping the spirit of independent watchmaking alive and well.

Matthias Naeschke Logo
Today many of precious old organ clocks are to be found in private collections and museums. As the clocks made by Matthias Naeschke follow in the long tradition of organ clock making, and his skills are recognised world-wide, time and again he is asked by collectors and the museum curators throughout the world for advice and information on an old organ clock.

Any repairs that are needed, including making a new organ barrel, are carried out in his workshop in Haigerloch.
The repairs will be done by Matthias Naeschke.

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Miki Eleta’s T12

Miki Eleta’s artwork for the Baselword 2017!


Description, Functions and technical Specifications of the Clock T12+

Clockwork movement: 2 gong barrels, power reserve: 1 month, Chronometer escapement, oscillation: 1 second.

Displays: minute, hour, day of week, with AM/PM indication, week of the year, month, moon phase, world time, 4 year perpetual calendar with illustrations of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, the natural cycle of seasons, zodiac signs, constellations, orrery, musical mechanism.

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Matthias Naeschke Logo

Organ clock music encompasses only a very small segment of our Western musical culture. Despite the fact such an area of music does exist in its own right. On the one hand, a composer who is writing for a small organ clock is limited by the range and volume of the instrument, but on the other hand be has completely different tone qualities as his disposal. The limits and possibilities of manual playing techniques do not play a role here at all. Even 15-part chords or simultaneously played chords with runs or trills are possible.

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