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Collecting and investing in clocks!

Old Clocks

In the era when the smallest unit of time were seconds, not tenths of a second, those days of royal and imperial monarchy of Josef II., the great Viennese Art of Clockmaking was established. Driven by the commercial promotions of the monarch the clockmakers were able to defy in technical as artistic manner with the other major european metropols of clockmaking, London and Paris. From the perspective of the collector, this is significant because in general collecting and rating is done by manufacturers, according to provenance.

Therefor the area of colleting is regional, as opposed to other collection areas. This means that the domestic market is always the most significant market for collectors. The exchange between areas or cities is estimated as rather low. This is also because tastes and interior conditions prevented nearly a lively exchange.

There can be named two criterias of the collecting area. First, collecting according to technical and second according to stylistic criterias. From the technical perspective this makes sense when cherishing clocks before 1860. Around the year 1860, parallel to the development of automatic machines, mechanical clock movements production became even more mass-produced and more alike. With the turn of the century there were hardly any regional differences in the movements, because the movements were distributed “large scale”. Special feature of the great Viennese clocks were the “Viennese Stroke” also called “Great Sonnerie” in the clockmaking world. At every quarter-hour a sound with the number of quarter-hours is played on gong or bells. On the hour this stroke is accompanied with a second different stroke. With an special repeater mechanism this stroke can be played again to strike the current hour. In the technical clockmaking language this function is also compared to “Night Watches”

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Manufacture and Craftsmanship

Archides - 2007 - 08
“With our factories and manufacturers, we have found partners who drive the craftmanship to perfection, “said CEO Klaus Messerklinger.”

“Sometimes you have to do anything different, so that everything remains as it is,” the credo of ARCHIDES. For example, in manufacturing. Our partners and manufactures guarantee highest craftsmanship:

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ARCHIDES presents Time-Objects

Archides - 2007 - 06

exclusive Clocks for stylish ARCHItecture and highes quality DESign

ARCHIDES is the first specialist retail store in Austria – and was the realisation of a planned specially developed concept in the city of Salzburg, to present a special selection of exclusive mechanical clocks. „These time objects meet the demand of real watch and clock collectors, the symbiose of classic Architecture and fine design offers more than just simple time counting machines“ declares General manager Klaus Messerklinger. „This is why this concept is unique in Europe.“

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Passion Clockmaking

Archides - 2007 - 13
Inspired by the magic of clocks and motivated by the passion for handcrafted products this company ARCHIDES was founded. „Both my brother and myself are the fith generation that my family is working in the clock business, so we are born with this passion.“ says Klaus Messerklinger.

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Archides - 2007 - 02
Clocks have been an important part of any upper class interior design, nowadays only few people know about
their fascination. Depending on the modell there are majorities places to design ot technology, which offers the interested buyer an intersting spectrum of wall, table or floorclocks.

Compared to their origin, church- or tower clocks, they fullfill more than just showing time, moonphases, dates and other complications are to be found in modern clocks.

Clocks have a majestic appearance. Especially Grandfatherclocks (Floorclocks) and other modells with long pendulums become the heartbeat of the residence. Insiders also connect certain modells with personal stories
or historic facts.

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