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You have a very special clock or watch wish? We know many in this industry. Therefore, we can help you with almost all requests. Whether clocks, wrist watch or Sspecialties. Just ask us. We try to meet your needs.

We are happy to accept your service work. We work with a selected and highly qualified watch- and clockmakers in Austria. Call us, we will make you a free estimate for your repairs or service work.

We would be happy to submit you a free quote for restoration work. We work together with selected and highly skilled craftsmen from all areas of restoration crafts in Austria. From Emailers, cabinetmaker, to individual metal work; we know the best in their profession.

Worldwide Shipping.
We do deliver all our products worldwide. A special offer for out “top” articles is, that we will not just ship, we also take care of insurance and a personal setup in your home or office. The only charge that we can not include into this service is customs charges in your home country. All prices shown on the website do include 20% Austrian VAT, For exports outside the European Union, we will not charge the VAT.

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FLAIR Magazine

Islamic Timepieces: For years Muslims have relied on many ways to tell them the time for prayers and for breaking the fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Checking the timings on the daily newspaper, turning on the radio or television, installing an Islamic timings application and even observing the sun!

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The Mecca Clock Tower

This clock is an exact replica of the original plans of the largest clock in the world, the Clock Tower of the Royal clock Tower in Mecca.

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Miki Eleta’s T12

Every hour the dice player holds his cup up and the dice appear. The sum of visible points on the dice indicates the actual hour in the chosen time zone. On the circular world time display, a landmark is engraved for each time zone. In the clockwise direction they refer to:

Now available: Wall Bracket

A solid aluminium wall bracket that can be ordered for our table clock models NT 6 and NT 7. Its shape refers to the shape of the clock base and fine brass inlays in the colour of the movement are setting fine accents to the matte black finish.

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Collecting and investing in clocks!

Generally it can be mentioned that modern clocks have certain technical advantages. This includes primarily the “Rack Strike Movement”; here the strike is automatically (calculated by the clock) adjusted, therefore it is possible to turn the clock back and forth! An automatic “Night Shut-Off” of the strike is also standard at todays clock movements, such as stone or ball bearings, as well as fine surface sinishes.