• Graham escapement.
    • Pendulum rod made of Invar, a metal alloy with a very low thermal expansion coefficient, with compensation tube for temperature variation.
  • DLC-coated gears and pinions (low friction coefficient).
  • Charge autonomy: 7+1 days / Charge reserve: up to 5 minutes.
  • Suspension spring.
  • Elements with a reduced weight: 2,4 kg drive / 6,5 kg bob lens.
  • Regulation by small weights.
  • Stainless steel arbor, revolution on 15 ball bearings.
  • Bearings attached and adjusted directly on the crystal structure via computer numerical control (CNC).
  • Takto® Tool Kit includes: certificate of authenticity, instructions and tools for assembling and maintaining the product.


  • Base and top of Marquina black, brushed silver wave gray, or polished Covelano white.
  • Crystal glass structure, 15mm -thick sheets.


  • Weight 292 kg
  • Width 760 mm
  • Height 2250 mm
  • Depth 330 mm
Takto-Adagio-Silver Takto-Adagio-White

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Gerhard M.

I am founder of Archides Uhren GmbH, the only specialist Clock Shop in Austria. We love to work with small, highly individualized companies as the member of the AHCI are. We continuous have products of Matthias Naeschke, Sinclair Harding, Philippe Wurtz, Peter Wibmer, Pita Barcelona and Konstantin Chaykin in our store.

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