Participation in Pope Present

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Dear Sirs,

Allow me, dear brother and sister in spirit, to present you our Apostle Clock project. Together with collegues we succeeded to develop a clock, which is able to mechanically calculate the Date of Easter – for the first time without human interaction to the movement until the year 2100 (except winding the clock). 

The concept provides only 12 clocks and is dedicated to the disciples of Jesus, the Apostles.

The aim of our campaign on Indiegogo it is the Peter clock over to the theHoly Father in Rome as a gift.

(A commitment by the Secretariat of State (Holy See) has already been granted.)

On 1 December, we start a crowdfunding project at Indiegogo, where All  are invited to participate and help us to publicize this project.

Saint Peter Clock

Saint Peter Clock

We hope for your kindness, assistance in the notice in your network and perhaps your support of the project.

If you are interested in any of the other 11 watches, we ask you to contact us directly.

For media representatives, we would also like to point out our homepage. The texts published there and hig-res photos were released under the Creative Commons and therefore easy for you to use.

Join us at Indiegogo (

NT12 – over one year desk clock

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NT12 Holz

Baselworld 2014 would have been the perfect kick-off event to celebrate the 30 year ceremony of foundation of Matthias Naeschke. However, other – as it is often seen and practiced – Matthias Naeschke have done what we can do best: creating and constructing a new movement. The result is the elegant desk clock NT 12 with a duration if no less than 13,5 months. This outstanding running time of over one year has a special position within desk clocks with pendulum and mainspring. Driven by mainspring and screw. The gold plated movement sits on four massive columns made of silver plated brrass. The great escapement wheel – typical for Naeschke – and anchor with circular ruby pallets are a must for this special clock; as well as a temperature compensating pendulum, ball and ruby bearings and a dial with hand-engraved sterling silver. The desk clock NT 12 is competed with an 60 cm high, fabricated drom cherry qood case with high gloss surface and faceted glass.

By the creation of this new desk clock model NT 12 Matthias Naeschke has once again redefined the boundaries of technical possibilities. It stands symbolic for the 30 years of finest clockmaking from Haigerloch.


Duration 13 ½ months,power reserve indication, barrel and fuse, escapement with round ruby pallets, compensated pendulum, chapter ring of sterling silver with handengravings, also available in other colours and materials
Height x Width x Depth: 65 x 41 x 33 cm

Now available: Wall Bracket

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NT 6  & NT 7 mit Wandkonsole

NT 7 with Wall Bracket

A solid aluminium wall bracket that can be ordered for our table clock models NT 6 and NT 7. Its shape refers to the shape of the clock base and fine brass inlays in the colour of the movement are setting fine accents to the matte black finish.


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Featuring a car dashboard on the dial never seen before, innovative bullhead design with integrated oversized pushers, and super lightweight F1 materials for the technical case.
The Roadster is our idea of how a racing chronograph should be: a timepiece with a clean and minimalistic design, where every component, material and design have been carefully selected to bring you the thrill and adrenaline of driving.

Worldwide Shipping

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Archides 2012 We do deliver all our products worldwide. A special offer for out “top” articles is, that we will not just ship, we also take care of insurance and a personal setup in your home or office. The only charge that we can not include into this service is customs charges in your home country. All prices shown on the website do include 20% Austrian VAT, For exports outside the European Union we will not charge the VAT.

Decalogue Luah Shana

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Konstantin Chaykin, the Russian Watch and Clock Manufacture, announces the release of a new model in the Hebrew Watch line – the Decalogue Luah Shana Watch. The Luah Shana Watch brings a totally new design which enhances a number of technical changes and improved manufacturing processes.

Table Clock NT7

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NT 7 rhodinierter Glassturz

NT 7 rhodinierter Glassturz

Table Clock NT 7

An 8-day movement in restrained design and technical perfection creates absolute transparency in this clock.

A special attention to detail, innovative ideas and their implementation in technical perfection characterises all clocks from the house of Matthias Naeschke.  And naturally the new clock NT 7 is no exception.  By creating transparency nothing remains concealed. With the exception only of the red of the ruby jewels and the pallets, the colours of black and silver dominate perceptions of this clock.

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