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Archides 2012

We do deliver all our products worldwide. A special offer for out “top” articles is, that we will not just ship, we also take care of insurance and a personal setup in your home or office. The only charge that we can not include into this service is customs charges in your home country. All prices shown on the website do include 20% Austrian VAT, For exports outside the European Union we will not charge the VAT.

Sauterelle à Lune perpétuelle 2M

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Andreas Strehler - Sauterelle à Lune perpeétuelle

Designed and manufactured by Andreas Strehler in his workshop in Sirnach, the Lune perpétuelle has a perpetual display of the phase of the moon.

With only four components, Andreas Stehler achieves almost eternity. Only almost, because the Lune perpétuelle’s phase of the moon mechanism does require occasional adjustment. To be quite precise, it requires an adjustment by one day every 14’189.5383 years.

The Sauterelle à Lune perpétuelle by Andreas Strehler is the most precise phase of the moon ever built. And by some margin. Approximately 11’000 to 14’000 years.


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Chaykin - Diana

Chaykin – Diana

The Diana Watch is named after the ancient Mediterranean goddess Diana, known also as Artemis. The beloved daughter of Jupiter embodied the Moon for the ancient Romans. Every evening she enters her chariot and milk white stallions drive her across the sky.

The case, in 18kt white gold, measures 40mm x 12mm. The bezel and lugs are covered in diamonds. It has double sapphire crystals. The crown features a black pearl.

NT12 – over one year desk clock

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NT12 Holz

Baselworld 2014 would have been the perfect kick-off event to celebrate the 30 year ceremony of foundation of Matthias Naeschke. However, other – as it is often seen and practiced – Matthias Naeschke have done what we can do best: creating and constructing a new movement. The result is the elegant desk clock NT 12 with a duration if no less than 13,5 months. This outstanding running time of over one year has a special position within desk clocks with pendulum and mainspring. Driven by mainspring and screw. The gold plated movement sits on four massive columns made of silver plated brrass. The great escapement wheel – typical for Naeschke – and anchor with circular ruby pallets are a must for this special clock; as well as a temperature compensating pendulum, ball and ruby bearings and a dial with hand-engraved sterling silver. The desk clock NT 12 is competed with an 60 cm high, fabricated drom cherry qood case with high gloss surface and faceted glass.

By the creation of this new desk clock model NT 12 Matthias Naeschke has once again redefined the boundaries of technical possibilities. It stands symbolic for the 30 years of finest clockmaking from Haigerloch.


Duration 13 ½ months,power reserve indication, barrel and fuse, escapement with round ruby pallets, compensated pendulum, chapter ring of sterling silver with handengravings, also available in other colours and materials
Height x Width x Depth: 65 x 41 x 33 cm

A fairy tale (No. 29)

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Miki Eleta - Fairy Tale

The clock „A fairy tale“ has been ordered by a customer for his 18 years old daughter. Her favourite animal is the frog. The cylindric and skeletonised minute and hour dial plates rotate around their axes while the indicator remains static. The moonphase indication has to be corrected every 128 years.

On its right side the clock features a musical movement with dancing figures. For many years a different melody is played without repeating itself. The days of the week are symbolised by 7 different frogs. Every day one of them appears until they are all united on Sunday. According to the day they symbolise, each of them represents another activity.

The clock features an Eleta chronometer escapement and consists of 555 pieces made from steel and gold-plated brass. The dancers and frogs are made by the glassblower Guido Stadelmann from Zurich.


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Miki Eleta’s Timeburner watch honors early internal combustion engines

Limited to 99 pieces per model, Miki Eleta unveils his first ever kinetic timepiece, the ‘Timeburner’, at the Baselworld watch and jewelry show in Switzerland.

It pays tribute to the earliest internal combustion engines and all the noise, grease and chrome that came with them. The aluminum piston which replaces the hands in the role of telling the time; is driven by a mechanical movement, initiated when the wearer winds the spark plug.

Apostelclock – the catholic Easterdate pur mechanical

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Highly exclusive! we are creating a limited edition of only 12 pieces worldwide of these mantle clocks. Every one will be dedicated to one aposte of Jesus. The clock dedicted to “Simon Petrus – St. Peter” certainly will not be up for sale. For us is a given fact that this clock belongs only to the Vatikan and our holy father Pope Francis, and we already have permission to hand over the clock, once its finished, to him personally.

Saint Peter Clock

Saint Peter Clock

First time ever it was possible to create a mechanical movement, which is capeable, purely mechanically to display the easter date for up to 200 years (from today till Febuary 29th 2100) wich is a world premiere. The extrodinary clockmaker that made this possible after 400 years of clockmaking history is Konstantin Chaykin – originally from St. Petersburg, now living and working in Moscow.

Certainly there are some more techincal highlights, like

  • 1 month duration (per winding), with power reserve display
  • perpetual calender with leap year display
  • perfect moonphase display
  • a tourbillon regulation

The design shows at the same time the symbol of the celtic trinity, endlessness, and the fisch. To use this combination as a case desing was the idea of Robert Blaschke, chief of RB Architects GmbH in Salzburg. The case itself will be built by the company Wochner from Heiligenzimmern, Germany. A company with decades of experience in building top quality clock cases.

These one of a kind clocks are technical masterpieces and with the combination of the extrodinary desgn they become real pieces of art! – A special value for every owner is that one of them will remain in the Vatikan forever.


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